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When we find our mission really working

We don't mean to brag.  This is definitely not the place to do that and it's not our style.

Having said that, We need to brag about the amazing work we're doing getting our mission-based organization to grow so that we can achieve our stated mission.  

Our stated mission is to provide the finest art supplies at competitive prices while donating more art to organizations in need than any arts company on the planet.  

That's not new.  What is new is that we received the badge of all badges on Amazon, The coveted, "Amazon's Choice" badge.  

This means that we're going to be selling more products to more people who enjoy our product, and best part: one in every 10 products goes to an organization who uses Art Therapy.  

This is exciting...really exciting!  

More donations are going out than we could have imagined and we couldn't be happier about it!  

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

...and don't forget to let your friends know where they can buy our Watercolor Set!

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