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A FANTASTIC video from our AMAZING friends!

One of the things we truly love about the business we've created is how many people we are able to touch in so many different ways.

We're getting tons of emails from people buying our set on Amazon saying how they are buying them for their children and their grandchildren, as they want to give the gift of "creative journey". It is so warming to know how many of our watercolor sets will be showing up underneath the Christmas Tree, or given out on one of the 8 nights of Hanukkah.

We're hearing from mothers how grateful they are that this watercolor set has given their children a few hours of purely creative time and void of any cell phones, iPads or TV. What a gift!

We're also beginning to donate our sets we've promised in large volumes. Our vision is coming alive to donate our sets to organizations who use art therapy, such as hospitals, children's organizations, schools, the list goes on.

That's why when we got this video from the Hourigan family, it warmed our heart so much. The Hourigans are a creative family...from music to content, to how they give back to virtually everyone around them. They are amazing.

The video only takes a couple of minutes, but you can see how much joy they got out of the experience and how much they appreciate our commitment to give as many art sets as possible to the world around them.

We are deeply touched and grateful for the Hourigans and their willingness to share this video with the world.

We hope this inspires your creative journey!

Warmest Regards,

Rachel & Brett

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