AEM = Art Exploration for ME


AEM Hi Arts believes that the greatest journey humans can have is through their own creative exploration, no matter how young, old, rich, poor, healthy and especially those who are not in good mental or physical health.  
The gift of creative expression through art is one of the greatest gifts in the world.  It heals, it creates joy, it connects humans.  It crosses cultures and is universal in language.


We sell Art, we sell creative exploration, we sell so that people can heal and grow.

Join us, won’t you?  

Follow us to hear stories of how these boxes of creative exploration have helped people on their journey.  We’re excited to share our journey with you!


Quotes from the community:

“I know art heals as it heals me everyday. I can speak my mind with images and colors set the pain free.. Feel the freedom of the flow.” - Polly, Fairview, Tennessee


“I sat down just the other day and waterpainted for the first time in decades. I stayed in Zen land painting for a few hours. Felt incredible.” - Mandy, Los Angeles, California


“I actually took art classes in painting, photography and sculpture after the loss of three very important people in my life within a period of three months (friend, brother and mentor) art was the only thing that kept me here.  Believer <3 -- this is a great idea!” - Melissa, Denver, Colorado

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